Bike Room Highlight: Saris Headquarters in Madison

Redesigning space for our Wisconsin commuters.

By Emelye Sturges, Bike Fixation Account Manager

Being a part of a bike-centric brand, Saris is filled with employees who are passionate about a healthy workplace. We have team members that brace the cold, snow and ice on their bikes when it’s twenty below outside, employees that spend their lunch hour building mountain biking trails behind our manufacturing facility, and commuters that travel 13+ miles each way by bike everyday via our network of multi-use trails around Madison, WI.

Saris employees moving dirt for mountain bike trail maintenance.

To better serve our cyclists that use multiple style of bikes, from cargo bikes, electric mountain bikes, carbon road bikes and many more, Saris recently updated their indoor employee bike parking. This in-turn created a space for us to showcase our some of our current bike infrastructure offerings, as well as new products for 2019.

On the Saris campus, there are three bike parking locations. One near the front-office, capable of racking 36 bikes before the redesign. There’s also employee bike parking in the back-office, roughly the same size, as well as outdoor bike parking.

During the summer Saris employees fill a majority of the Bike Tracs/Vertical Racks and about half of the available Stretch Rack spots. Some of concerns we had before redesigning the space included: where to park cargo bikes; where to park heavy e-bikes; and where to create a space for employees to work on their bikes and have access to bike tubes, sunscreen, etc. if they needed to replace a tube while at work.

Before: configuration of front-office employee bike parking at Saris headquarters in Madison, WI.

As we began work on the redesign, we kept key tenants of a well-designed bike room at the forefront. These key points include adequate spacing to maneuver a bike, as well as having a safe space to park a bike in a well-lit, locked or secure space, with various rack options for different styles of bikes. Highlighted bike rooms in 2019 include bike-themed murals, wheel ramps on staircases to help easily maneuver a bike, and a work station for light bike repair and/or adding air to bike tires.

After: configuration of the updated front-office employee bike parking at Saris HQ.

With the space available we were able to redesign the bike parking area to include these well-designed bike room points and address the concerns of employees with cargo bikes, heavy e-bikes and other types of rides.

Fresh paint job and updated bike parking layout keeps employee lockers on one side of the “bike lane” to create enough space to safety maneuver a bike in the area. We designed the space near our employee showers for ease of use after a muddy or sweaty ride.

Bike Fixation Account Manager, Emelye, using the Deluxe Public Work Stand and Electric Pump on her bike.

Our redesigned Stack Rack 1.2, coming Spring 2019, and our new Cargo bike rack with Wheel Chocks.

Saris Engineer, Konrad, parking his fat bike on our new wall-mounted Fat Bike Tracs. The freshly painted mural was designed by our creative Saris team.

Anyone else incredibly satisfied when the seat of the bike ends where the bike lane edge meets?

Products available for employee purchase from our Vending Machine include sunscreen, different sizes of bike tubes, nutritionals, and body glide to prevent chafing.

Looking for a way to update your current employee bike parking area or create a new area from scratch? Contact our team and we would be happy to design a safe and welcoming space for your bike commuters.