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Bike Trac

Bike Trac


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Simple, Space-Efficient Storage

The Bike Trac offers a simple, space-saving vertical solution to bike storage. With full-length trays, it protects your walls while also allowing freedom for capacity and mounting configuration. The wide wheel track accepts tire sizes ranging from narrow road wheels all the way to 5” wide fat tires and mountain bikes, making it the perfect solution for mounting bikes in a small space, like your apartment, store, or garage.


Locking Feature


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  • 1 bike per trac
  • At 15” spacing, stagger height of Tracs at 10”
  • At 24” spacing, Tracs can be installed at the same height
  • Powder coat black finish only
  • 84” minimum ceiling height
  • Two options available:
    • With locking bar: #6106
    • Non-locking: #6103
  • Recommended anchor for concrete wall: #28879
  • Dimensions: 66.3” L x 6.5” W"

Correct hardware will depend on the surface the rack is being installed into. Please consult your local hardware store for anchor recommendations based on your specific installation. Important details of your installation include wall surface type and thickness and the approximate weight of your bike.

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