Stretch Rack
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Stretch Rack

Stretch Rack


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High Density, Low Cost

Maximize your storage capacity with a two-tier bike parking solution that allows you to store double the bikes in a given space. With locking and non-locking options and a space-saving vertical stagger, the Stretch Rack offers a versatile, ultra-dense, long-term indoor parking solution for storing bikes in a small room, home garage, or other environment where space is limited. Modular construction allows for easy expansion, so you can easily adapt this bike rack to suit your needs.


Bike Capacity
Locking Feature


  • 8-Bike
  • 8-Bike
  • 10-Bike
  • 6-Bike


  • Locking
  • Locking
  • Non-Locking


  • 6" Wide
  • 6" Wide
  • 4.5" Wide
  • Normal
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  • No anchoring (wall or floor) required
  • Available in 6- and 8- bike capacity at 18” spacing, or 8- and 10-bike capacity at 15” spacing
  • 8 ft ceiling clearance required
  • Minimum ceiling height: 96”
  • 11-guage steel frame
  • Powder coat finish (black only)
  • 1 year warranty

Transform Your Space

We’ll work with you to create custom, functional, and transformative infrastructure to suit your unique needs.

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