Our Mission

We strive to create products that break down the barriers between people and their rides through constant innovation, championing the bicycle as a fun, safe, and eco-conscious mode of transportation. This commitment to cyclists radiates through every product that leaves our doors – from eBike charging stations that keep your bike on lock while charging, to Wave Delineators that create safe spaced to ride, accessible commercial bike parking products, and products that make cycling easier and more enjoyable. The bicycle is at the heart of everything we dream, design, and do.


Beyond the bike, we’re passionate about delivering a comprehensive and safe experience in everything related to transportation, be it via bike, eTransport, or car. We’re committed to making outdoor recreation and transportation seamless for all rides; to ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and supported in their outdoor activities.

At Saris, we believe in the power of proper bicycle infrastructure. The power to connect, empower, and inspire, leaving a lasting impact on communities, one project at a time.


Our Vision

We envision a world where cycling is more inclusive through infrastructure. To us, the word infrastructure has multiple meanings. It means networks of protected and low-stress places for people who ride their bikes in communities across the globe. It means protection of the bike itself from theft and clutter. Most importantly, infrastructure is the framework by which people can participate in and experience the joy of riding a bike.

But our vision doesn’t stop there. We go beyond traditional bike parking solutions to offer a range of products that cater to the diverse needs of communities. From bike racks and parking solutions to site furnishings, we’re committed to creating a comprehensive infrastructure that enhances the overall experience of everyone using our products.

By building infrastructure that promotes convenience, safety, and accessibility, we believe we can contribute to creating healthier and more sustainable communities.

From urban areas to recreational spaces, we seek to cultivate an environment where individuals are empowered and supported in selecting active modes of transportation – be it for pleasure, exercise, commuting, or just spending quality time and making memories with family and friends.

Brand Story

At Saris Infrastructure, we put the bicycle at the heart of everything we do. It’s what we’ve been doing since the 1970s, when our passion for cycling was first given breath with the birth of Saris Cycling.

At that time, our goal was simple: to break down the barriers between people and their rides. We noticed that difficulty transporting bikes, bad weather, and more, were standing in the way of people riding, so we strove to eliminate these obstacles with the creation of transport bike racks and indoor trainers.

As the cycling movement evolved, so did we. We understood that to unlock the full potential of the bike, we had to aid cities in becoming more bike friendly. That meant keeping bikes secure, making cycling convenient, and keeping people on their rides. So, we branched out into cycling infrastructure.

What began as very simple bent metal racks eventually evolved into sophisticated, intuitively designed, secure systems worthy of patents and placements in commercial and residential locations across the globe.

For over 40 years now we’ve earned ourselves a reputation as a trusted name in the cycling industry. And for over 40 years we’ve been innovating and pushing forward to create best-in-class solutions, from bike racks to trainers, commercial parking docks, and beyond.

When it comes down to it, we know bikes. We know they have the power to act as a catalyst for change – a sustainable, efficient, and healthy mode of transportation that connects people, communities, and spaces. We use this intimate knowledge and understanding to make cycling safe, convenient, and fun for all riders.

From bike parking to garage solutions, we offer innovative products designed to optimize the cycling experience. Whether it’s simple bike racks that ensure safe and convenient parking, or cutting-edge garage solutions that integrate seamlessly into urban spaces, we strive to create a cityscape that welcomes and encourages cycling as a preferred method of transportation.

But our dedication doesn’t end there. We recognize that the bike is only as powerful as its surroundings. That’s why our expertise extends beyond cycling infrastructure alone, to the city as a whole. Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of offerings, including signage solutions that enhance wayfinding and safety, park infrastructure that promotes active lifestyles and community engagement, and even custom design services that enable cities to create unique, tailored solutions.

We’re more than just a brand. We are partners in progress. We work hand in hand with cities, municipalities, and urban planners to co-create solutions for any location. We build infrastructure that is not only efficient but also vibrant, inclusive, and inspiring. Infrastructure that promotes active, healthy, and connected lifestyles for all.

What Sets Us Apart

We Know Bikes

At Saris Infrastructure, we’re not just another player in the biking industry; we’re deeply ingrained in it. For over 40 years, we’ve been creating products from bike racks to trainers and more, that have given us an intimate understanding of the biking industry. We know bikes, and we use this knowledge to aid in the creation of convenient, safe, and secure infrastructure that makes biking more accessible.

Our team of engineers shares an unyielding passion for cycling. More than just experience, they’re devoted riders themselves. This firsthand experience drives every aspect of product development, allowing us to create solutions that cater to your needs like no one else can.

When you choose Saris Infrastructure, you’re choosing a company that has spent decades perfecting its craft, using personal passion and experience to deliver best-in-class solutions for your infrastructure requirements.

Core Values

Sustainability: We encourage bike riding as a viable form of transportation and create products built to last, minimizing environmental impact.

Transparency: We share comprehensive information on our products and their integration so that customers can make an informed decision when shopping.

Community Development: We create infrastructure that allows for healthier, more active, and more connected communities.

Accessibility: We break down the barriers between people and their rides by creating products that allow for storage at home, safety while traveling, and security at their destination.

Innovation: We constantly push forward, creating products that no one else has and expanding our offerings to include a wider array of infrastructure products.

Customer Commitment: We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction by listening to and incorporating feedback to deliver the best products and experience possible.