Don't give up! Some products may have been discontinued or replaced with a new version. Please visit this page Technical Documents | Saris Infrastructure and you can roam around the “Current product” Section and the “Archived product” section to find all supporting documents related to the products new and old. If you need a quote for the product or more information that you are not easily finding, please reach out to sales@sarisinfrastructure.com or 608-515-5148

Most of our products are shipped within 1-2 weeks of an order being placed. Custom options and larger quantities may take longer. It doesn't hurt to ask by requesting a quote or contacting our logistics specialist at sales@sarisinfrastructure.com or 608-515-5148

Quoted Freight provided by Saris Infrastructure is an estimate based on the rates offered to us by our network of carriers on the date of the quote. Please be aware that shipping rates are subject to daily fluctuations influenced by various factors, including but not limited to fuel surcharges, specific delivery services (such as unloading at construction sites, residential delivery fees, appointment requirements, lift gate usage, etc.), peak seasons, and the density of the shipped commodities. We strive to align our quotes to be as competitive and accurate as possible. However, due to the dynamic nature of these rates, it is essential to note that freight costs may need to be adjusted to reflect any changes in the aforementioned factors. Please also be aware that any unplanned delivery services required at the point of delivery will be the financial responsibility of the recipient.

Yes. The most common replacement parts can be ordered directly from our website, and for all other parts you can contact us directly.

Unfortunately, we are only the designer and manufacturer of our products and do not offer installation.

Depending on the product, minimum quantities and fee may apply but we are willing to explore whatever colors you may want. We do not currently offer branding options but many of our products feature ample surfaces for custom decals or signage.

We offer free layouts and mock-ups upon request. You can submit either a CAD formatted drawing, or just a cocktail napkin sketch with measurements. Pictures of the location also help us to identify any other conflicts like overhead pipes, ductwork, utilities, closets, etc.

In most cases, you will need to anchor the rack to the ground. There are a few racks, like our stretch, city, and stadium racks that have a free standing option. Each product page on our website will list whether the rack is freestanding or requires anchoring.

In most cases, Saris Infrastructure does not directly manage the maintenance of our repair stands after our customers purchase and install them. Usually the location of the stand give give a good clue of who may be in charge of its care. If in a public park, likely your city's Parks and Rec. or Public Works Dept., if in an apartment building, likely the building manager and so on. That said, if you contact us, we are happy to help track down the appropriate party to assist!

APBP stands for "Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals." The organization is made up of transportation planners, city coordinators, and industry leaders that help create bike parking standards, best practices and recommendations. When we design products, we strive to ensure that they meet these standards, so that form is aligned with function.