Outdoor Public Bike Pump
Outdoor Public Bike Pump
Outdoor Public Bike Pump
Outdoor Public Bike Pump
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Outdoor Public Bike Pump

Outdoor Public Bike Pump


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Pump it Up!

Keep cyclists rolling with an Outdoor Public Bike Pump in bike rooms, parks, trails, or other public heavy-use settings. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the Outdoor Public Bike Pump ensures durability so that all components are ready for action when needed by the users. Mount it directly to your Deluxe Public Work Stand or the floor.




  • Repair Stand Mount
  • Repair Stand Mount
  • Floor Mount


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  • Concrete mounting anchors included
  • Temperature range: -30°F to 110°F (-34°C to 43°C)
  • Installation options: surface or Deluxe Public Work Stand mount
  • Maximum pressure 160 psi/11 bar
  • Construction:
    • Material: Stainless steel
    • Pump rod: Solid core
    • Hose: Rubber exterior; Braided steel core
    • Gauge cover: Polycarbonate
    • Pump head: Presta/Schrader (no removable parts without special tool)
  • Dimensions: 8” L x 8” W x 30” H
  • Rebuild Kit: #26271
  • Replacement Head: #27603
  • Replacement T10 Bit: #28967
  • Replacement Hose: #26859

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