Seeking Partners to Pilot our NEW Anchored Wave Delineators!

Calling all cities, towns, and municipalities

CALLING ALL CITIES: Seeking partners to pilot our new Anchored Wave Delineators!


Our Wave Delineators have graced city streets and bike paths for the last several years, creating temporary, pop-up bike lanes for events, or as a means for piloting locations for permanent, protected bike lanes.


With their unique wave aesthetic and easy deployment, they have been a great solution to replace the less sightly traffic cones or flex posts typically used for these types of projects.


While these freestanding waves have been a hit, we found a common piece of feedback: “could you make a version that we can mount into the road?” So, our product team went ahead and designed our Anchored Wave Delineator. Using the same aesthetics as the original but now with a mounting foot that allows anchoring via concrete and asphalt anchors as well as adhesives such as epoxy. These changes will all cities to use our delineators for longer term projects without the bike path looking like a construction site.


In 2021 we completed a successful project with our neighbor down the highway, the City of Milwaukee. But now we want to get more real-world use cases for these and are seeking cities who would like to participate in a pilot with us this summer.


What we are looking for:

  • A location roughly 1 block long
  • Availability to install summer of 2022
  • Installation duration of at least 2 months
  • Road speed under 30mph
  • Average daily traffic between 1-5k per day
  • Involvement from streets experts; city engineers, bike/ped coordinators, etc.


If your project doesn’t exactly fit these parameters, that’s ok! We would be willing to hear all your creative ideas to help make them work. Just fill out the information below to tell us more about where and how you hope to utilize the Anchored Wave Delineator.


Apply here!