Open Streets Minneapolis

A look back at this year’s first Open Streets Minneapolis event.

If there’s one thing that makes Minneapolis a fun and interesting place to live or visit, it’s the unique characteristics of our neighborhoods.

According to Wikipedia, “Minneapolis consists of 11 communities, each of which are subdivided into anywhere between 4 and 13 neighborhoods.” Most of these neighborhoods have small pockets of independent businesses that reflect the collective personality of the people who live there, not to mention the beautiful parks and natural features like lakes and creeks.

One way these neighborhoods come together every year is through Open Streets Minneapolis. This community-focused event occurs several times and at different locations over the summer, with each one closing off a major street and turning its use over to the people.

The first of seven Open Streets events took place on Sunday, June 10th over a 4-mile stretch along Lyndale Ave. We was there in partnership with Minneapolis Bike Parks, a local group working to build support for the development of bicycle skills parks and pump tracks at local parks.

These types of public facilities can be used to teach new bicycle riders basic bicycle handling skills and build confidence.

Together we set up a mini skills course that was a huge hit with youngsters and parents alike. We estimate that over 300 kids did laps on our course, and can report with certainty that they had a good time (as evidenced by the smiles on their faces).

Other fun and interesting activities that took place include: live music, log rolling, a Telsa electric car exhibit, sand castle building, bouncy house, catnip toy making booth, eBike test rides, pro wrestling and loads of food trucks scattered about. If you do the Instagram thing, search #openstreetsmpls for dozens of photos on this year’s event.

For more information about Open Streets Minneapolis, and to learn when the next event is, visit