New Product Preview: Bike Lock Storage Bar & Wall Mount Work Stand

When it comes to outfitting a bike room, space efficiency is key.

By: Andy Lambert, Global Sales Manager

When it comes to outfitting a bicycle storage room, efficient use of space must work hand in hand with ease of use and accessibility. Nothing makes our day like seeing a well-designed bike room come to fruition and that’s why we are excited to share with you a sneak preview of two new products that are coming soon.

Both products are designed and manufactured in the upper Midwest and are sure to make your bike room a hit with commuters or residents. Due for official release in early 2020, both will be available online so stay tuned for further details!



Bike Lock Storage Bar


If you’re lucky enough to have access to a room dedicated to parking bikes and would rather not carry a lock every time you park there, keep reading. The Bike Lock Storage Bar is an effective and inexpensive way to keep a couple dozen bike locks safe and organized, it’s a rack for your lock. Whether it’s mounted vertically or horizontally, the Bike Lock Storage Bar can be anchored to a variety of wall surfaces (installation hardware not included) and it works with all types of bike locks.


Our installation manual will outline the recommended setbacks and wall surface-specific fasteners.



Wall Mount Work Stand


We’ve always got an eye out for ways we can improve our designs and the Public Toolbox (previously released in 2015) presented one such opportunity. We modified this existing product (which didn’t support a bike) with “rack arms” to hang a bike from. It still has the same line up of tools as our Public and Deluxe Public Work Stand so we renamed it the “Wall Mount Work Stand”.




If your project requires ADA compliance, install the Wall Mount Work Stand with the Strike Plate to meet compliance standards. The plate also protects walls from tool damage. This is the ideal bike repair station for any location (public or private) that is space constrained.





Optional Strike Plate to make it ADA compliant.

Our installation manual will outline the recommended setbacks and wall surface-specific fasteners.