Boa Technology New Global Headquarters Facility

The creators of the Boa Performance Fit System have recently outfitted their new facility with Bike Fixation by Saris products.

Boa Technology, creators of the Boa Performance Fit System, recently relocated their global headquarters to the RiNo Art District in Denver, Colorado. They outfitted their new facility with Bike Fixation products.

They chose a Deluxe Repair Stand with pump and wheel chock round out as one of their bicycle amenities for employees. We sat down with Boa Associate Brand Manager Erin Brucks and asked her a few questions about their new digs.

What does Boa do to encourage commuting by bicycle?

Boa is a very sustainably-minded company. As we just moved into new headquarters, a big initiative of ours has been to implement sustainable best practices, which includes encouraging alternative transportation. Apart from that, cycling is ingrained into our company’s DNA, and biking to work is never far from most people’s minds.

Do you offer bicycle parking indoors or outdoors or both?

We have both indoor and outdoor parking at our headquarters. There are bike racks outside, as well as a large storage locker for protection from the elements. We also have numerous bike stands and racks throughout our building.

Boa’s new headquarters in Denver, Colorado (Photo provided by Boa Technology)

Do you have an “incentive/reward” program for those who do commute via bicycle?

Boa has a robust “Health and Wellness” program that encourages our employees to stay active, both mentally and physically. Employees record different activities into an online portal, with alternative commuting being a big portion of this program. For employees that reach a certain number of points a month, Boa offers rewards. We also have a “Backyard” committee that, among other items, focuses on encouraging sustainable efforts in our offices. They organized a “commuting challenge,” with awards for employees that biked during a specified week. That week, Boa biked a collective 1,568 miles to work!

Do you have facilities such as locker rooms with showers/lockers for riding gear, etc.?

FLIGHT has onsite locker rooms, complete with storage lockers and shower facilities.

Boa’s brand new Deluxe Repair Station from Bike Fixation

Does Boa ever schedule mobile repair visit’s for employees to have their bikes worked on while at work?

This past summer, Boa organized an in-office bike tune-up prior to Bike to Work day. Boa employees that also moonlight as bike mechanics volunteered to help work on anyone who was interested’s bikes. It was a great way to encourage participation in Bike to Work day, and also to encourage biking to work in general. The TAXI Community (where our office building is located), will occasionally also arrange for mobile repair visits, and I know that some employees here have taken advantage of this service.

What else does Boa do to be a "bicycle friendly" business?

As cycling is one of the key industries that we do business in, many people in our office are passionate cyclists. Whether it’s a quick lunch-ride, a ride up Lookout Mountain before work, or a group getting together on the weekends for a longer ride, Boa employees are always out on their bikes.