Announcing the Bicycle Access Ramp: A Stairway for Your Bike

A look at the latest American made infrastructure project from Bike Fixation.

Bike Fixation, a Minneapolis-based manufacturer of cycling infrastructure endorsed by Saris, today unveiled their latest product, the Bicycle Access Ramp. This American made stairway for bikes does exactly what the name implies: it provides a rolling surface for bikes going up or down stairs. Given the recent boom of popularity with e-bikes and more people riding in general, this product solves a real-world problem by opening the doors of bicycle accessibility in more places than before.

This type of ramp, or "runnel," for bicycles on stairways can often been seen at transit stations and other public stairways adjacent to bicycle infrastructure in bike-friendly cities around the world. Most are custom, built-on-site at facilities which can drive up price, and in some cases, can be cost prohibitive. The Bicycle Access Ramp is the first American made, off-the-shelf product of its kind that is easily customizable on-site, and accommodates any rise and run that the stairway requires. 

Bike Fixation fitted Pulaski Park in Northampton, MA, with a Bicycle Access Ramp as part of a pilot program, and was well received. "As soon as the park was opened, we saw people using it," said Garrett Stone of Stephen Stimson Associates, the landscape architect on the project. "The design looks nice and we like the functionality. I've seen similar designs installed while traveling in Germany and Amsterdam and it makes a lot of sense."

Engineered to work with any stair system, the Bicycle Access Ramp features a modular design made of thick wall aluminum and rustproof, stainless steel mounting feet. The ramp is compatible with all types of bike tires, up to 5 inches wide, and features an anti-rollout ramp shape so cyclists can easily maneuver their bike with just one hand. Finally, the bike ramp is decked out with grip tape to prevent tires from slipping once on the ramp.

"Incorporating a stair ramp like this in a public space shows a certain level of awareness and attention to detail for the needs of the users moving through a public space," Mr. Stone added. "From an aesthetics perspective, it's an object - but it's not ugly. The Bicycle Access Ramp has a cool, sleek, utilitarian element."


"We're excited to add the Bicycle Access Ramp to our line of bicycle infrastructure products," said Andy Lambert, Bike Fixation Global Sales Manager. "Our product development strategy is driven by our fixation with creating products that create safe, comfortable and equitable places for all ages and abilities to ride bicycles. We feel that the Bicycle Access Ramp checks all three of these boxes."

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