Adopting A New Name for Adventures Ahead

Bike Fixtation announced they would be dropping the first “t” to officially become "Bike Fixation."

As we merge with Saris Parking, we have made a joint decision to call attention to the most important common ground – our shared love of the bicycle.

"We’ve decided our name should envelope the depth and breadth of our true feelings for the greatest mechanical invention on the planet," said Andy Lambert, Bike Fixation Sales Manager. "It’s not a passing interest or a token appreciation, it is 100% a fixation."

Bike Fixation employees
Bike Fixation employees
Bike Fixation employees

Just as funding in the name of better bicycling continues, so will the need and demand for excellent bike infrastructure and bicycle parking solutions. From bike-friendly businesses to city governments to property owners and beyond, organizations across the globe are committing to better serving the cyclists in their communities. As an innovative leader in this space, we will continue to build infrastructure solutions in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with support from Saris headquarters and manufacturing facility in Madison, Wisconsin.

"We simply believe in the bike," said Chris Fortune, owner and founder of Saris. "It’s a belief in the transformative powers that bikes can have, and our dedication to ensuring as many people can experience that powerful connect as possible. It is clearly a fixation we hope we can spread."


Bike Fixation logo
About Bike Fixation

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Bike Fixation has quickly become a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of bike infrastructure products which includes public repair stations, public bike pumps, public bike washing stations, and bike part vending machines.

The company has earned a growing reputation around the world for producing the most durable, reliable and valued-packed public bike repair equipment available. Bike Fixation believes that access to high quality bicycle infrastructure breaks down many barriers to bicycling.

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About Saris Parking

Saris Parking considers the bicycle a serious form of transportation. They strive to make commuting by bicycle more accessible, and encourage more people to ride more often.

Saris Parking understands that it’s essential to provide a safe place for people to park and store their bikes, which is why they design their parking products with the cyclist in mind. Saris Parking’s goal is to give cyclists the peace-of-mind that their bikes will be parked securely.