6 Reasons to Incorporate Bike Racks for the Public in Your Design

Thinking of installing cycling infrastructure at your business?

Bicycles have plenty of health benefits for riders, as well as environmental benefits for the planet. Incorporating bike racks for the public in your design can have many benefits to your business, too – from increased revenue to optimized space, and more.

 “There’s a strong indication that more and more people in communities are getting around by bicycle,” said Nathan Broom, Bicycle Parking Program Manager for the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals. “Businesses are responding to that by providing a place to park bikes.”

With the increased number of bikers on the road, now is the time to take advantage of the many benefits cycling infrastructure can offer you.

Attract More Customers

It’s simple, really. More bike infrastructure = more bikers coming to your business. With the growing trend of bike commuting and bicycle tourism – especially in large urban areas – riders will be more likely to frequent your business if there are parking options available to them. Not only will this automatically put you above any competition that lacks this infrastructure, but it can also increase your revenue, as studies have demonstrated that cyclists bring in more money to street level businesses.

Cyclists also tend to spend more time at the same businesses and make repeat visits to the same premises, thereby increasing your business traffic and revenue. Evidently, something as simple as a handful of outdoor bike racks can really help boost your business.

Happier, Healthier Employees

The mental and physical health benefits of biking are well-documented. When it comes to physical health, cycling – and exercising in general – has been found to protect from diseases such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, obesity and arthritis, and has been linked to improved joint mobility, increased cardiovascular fitness, and more.

Beyond the physical, biking has myriad mental health benefits, as well. The act of cycling has been found to decrease anxiety and depression, boost creative thinking, improve time and workload management, and improve the ability to deal with stress.

Your employees will appreciate the ability to benefit from the positive advantages of cycling, and you’ll experience the benefits of happier, healthier, more productive employees.

Cultivate a Positive Image

Want to look good? Invest in proper bike parking. By positioning yourself as a bicycle-friendly business, you effectively put yourself in a favorable light to a majority of consumers, especially if you incorporate amenities like a pump or repair stand.  

Investing in bike racks for the public also demonstrates your commitment to the environment. Let’s face it, climate change isn’t going away. One way to significantly reduce our carbon emissions is to turn to biking over driving. The best way to get people on their bikes is to provide them with proper infrastructure when they arrive at their destination.

By installing bike parking, you’re doing your part to help the environment and cut down on carbon emissions. Not only will customers appreciate this, but other businesses may even follow your example in supporting proper infrastructure, reduced carbon emissions, and healthier lifestyles.

Stop the Rise in Bike Theft

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are long-lasting and still being felt today. One such effect is a rise in bike theft. With people looking for a chance to get outside and exercise while maintaining social distance, more bike lanes were installed, and more bike sales were made. Along with this increase in bike sales came an increase in bike theft.

According to BNN Bloomberg, as total bike registrations in the year 2020 across the United States totaled over 548,000, bike thefts reached a record high of over 96,000. That’s an annual increase of 111% in bike sales, and 56% in bike theft – and these are only the thefts that have been reported.

Worrisome statistics like these, combined with a lack of options for keeping bikes securely parked, are some of the main reasons that people don’t cycle as often, and tend to feel unsafe and insecure when they do. By providing cyclists with a safe, secure, and accessible place to park, you’ll be doing your part to keep those numbers down.

Optimize Space

Bike parking takes up less space and costs less money than standard car parking. In fact, the same standard parking stall for a single vehicle is enough to occupy about eight bicycles, making cycling infrastructure a great way to optimize parking space.

Even if you don’t install cycling infrastructure, cyclists may still visit your business, and a lack of bicycle racks and other parking options means they may park in unwanted spaces. This can effectively cause damage to your property and their bicycles, while also obstructing pedestrian or road traffic. Not only can this be damaging, but it can also be unsightly, creating unwanted eyesores.

By installing bike parking, you’ll be saving space, while also protecting existing space from damage. And it doesn’t have to be plain or ugly – done right, commercial bike racks can add an aesthetic touch to any landscape.

Earn LEED Credits

Installing cycling Infrastructure is a great way to earn LEED credits toward getting your building LEED certified. This certification underscores your commitment to adhering to the highest sustainability standards, benefiting property owners, residents, and the surrounding environment.

Read more about the LEED bicycle facilities guidelines here.

It takes more than just any cycling infrastructure to reap the benefits of installing bike racks for the public. It takes secure, well-built, thoughtfully designed infrastructure like ours. From different types of bike racks to work stands, pumps and more, Saris Infrastructure can help take your business to new heights.

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